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If you like what you see here then i very happy and please feel free to take inspiration from any of my work for your own personnal use, but please don't copy them like for like and pass them off as your own work, if you do make anything that you see on here then please give credit where its due and add a link to my blog and let me know as i would love to see what you have made

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Now for the Big Kids

Or do i mean the adults lol this is the last 2 i have had to make but i do like making them now lol.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Candy Bouquets

Just had another play these are for prizes for the summer fair which is on friday. I just hope there good enough the pink one does have less lollipops in so might have to do that one again

Monday, 21 June 2010

Christmas already

Been making up some christmas bits ready for my stall i know still along way off but im trying to do a bit each week now so i wont be so busy in the run up to christmas like i was last year. Here is a Snowman Gift Card Holder the gift card goes in the back of him. Im thinking of punching a small hole on the top and threading some thread through so you can hang him on a tree

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Candy Bouquets

Candy Bouquets mmmm i think not lol. I just cant get them right but i will keep trying. I didnt even want to post pics of the ones i have already done but thought i would so everyone can have a laugh. Im not going to give up just yet i will try again.

Monday, 14 June 2010


Again seen these done on many blogs there so easy to do i made my butterfly's using a sizzix die and then stuck some sweet fizzers on . I think they would be great for papry bags

Is it to early to be thinking about Halloween

I have seen these loads of time on blogs and just had to have a go at making them. There made using Elizabeth Shaw mints mine are not as good as the ones on other peoples blogs but i still like them lol

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

More for the boys

But what to make with them why not pop back by later to see

Even more bits for the summer fair

from this To this
There not even for me lol there for the school to put on some of the games as prizes

Thursday, 3 June 2010

My new grandson

With his Bampy
With his Mum
With his Dad
He was a little bit early but he is here and all ok